Q Labs is a fast-growing company in the field of IT, IoT, and connected devices. We are providing advanced, fast, and cost-efficient solutions. Back in 2013, our founder Ivan started building a connected vehicle called ‘Gmobile’, in the following years technology was transformed into successful products. In 2020 we joined Masdar City, a self-sustainable city based in the largest Emirate of the UAE – Abu Dhabi. Surrounded by high-tech and futuristic companies we continued delivering unseen technology solutions.

From one dream

We started as a one man team, with a vision to deliver unseen solutions to the World. From a single attic (not a garage) located in small country to the innovation scene.

Ivan Golubic with Gmobile in Nurnberg
Team Flow

...through rough startup world

After multiple trials and errors, finally our technology started being noticed by the customers. In 2017 we were a team of 4, working on a unique optimization technology for sustainable future.

...and first products

After finding focus in mobile IoT industry, we have produced the Worlds first smart electric bike - Grunner. But, it was never about the bike, it was about the technology, and know-how, that our team of 6 gained.

grunner smart bike in dubai police

...all the way

In partnership with Arabco Smart Technology, our connectivity solutions were noticed by some of the leading technology consumers in the world. It was a tough job to deliver unseen technologies for most advanced usecases. the top.

Technology was always our passion, and it will stay like that for years. Teamed up to deliver advanced connectivity solutions for multiple industries we strive to move the boundaries by building unique IoT platform - IoTaaP, and providing our know-how to others, so we can all achieve our dreams about connected present and future.

Our Partners