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What is iotaap?

  • Essentially, we built the IoT MARKETPLACE, with a focus on both hardware and software. Our approach enables us to monetize the most valuable asset of the IoT – DATA – multiple times. For simple onboarding, we are providing our hardware, although our cloud is compatible with most of the 3rd party hardware vendors. 

How do we do that?

  • iotaap has 3 business models:
    • selling hardware modules
    • cloud services and customization (simple device management, open-source software, cloud, specially developed hardware)
    • monetization model – the next big thing!
  • monetization model – companies are able to monetize their data by selling it to 3rd parties (data that is gathered through ANY hardware available in the world) 
    • companies have an extreme amount of data gathered from IoT devices
    • companies can and WANT to sell this data to other industry players for easy extra profit
    • this is where we come in – iotaap STANDARDIZES the data from ANY IoT device that can be sold to other players in the market
    • we are THE main point of contact for companies buying and selling data that is gathered from IoT devices (any IoT devices, not only ours!)


  • Step 1) Company X is onboarded to our platform and devices are installed in Company X’s facilities, 
  • Step 2) Company X immediately has at least 500 data sources on our platform (from various sensors, gateways, and sub-systems)
  • Step 3) Company X can exchange, collect, analyze data through our platform, and also act upon it
  • Step 4) Our client – Company X – can sell valuable data to other companies
  • ANY company can connect their devices (regardless of the brand!) to our platform (and keep their processes internally, but can also share selected data through the platform) and then the value of our platform will grow as available data grows
  • Hardware that we have and sell is primarily used to onboard other companies faster (like using a “TRANSLATOR” between their production lines and our systems) and that’s how we made non-scalable hardware profitable

Why do we do that?

  • Companies want to use data from REAL and EXISTING IoT devices, companies are losing too much money on their mistakes – we made a solution for this problem!
  • It is not simple to build a MARKETPLACE, especially for “live” data, such as IoT data, but in the end, the rewards are much much higher, that’s why we love to do it!
  • Various companies confirmed that they would have multiple benefits if they would get the ability to exchange data through their facilities (located in the UAE, or any other part of the world), they can have the same efficiency of the production in Austria and in the middle of the desert
  • Lots of organizations are unsuccessfully trying to create M2M (machine to machine) standards for communication 
    • WE ARE THE ONES WHO DID THIS IN PRACTICE (Bitcoin was only a whitepaper until somebody built it, M2M was only a whitepaper until we built it!)

Initially, iotaap was built to solve the never-ending problems with machine-to-machine communication, complex onboarding, and expensive setup. On our way, we built a platform that solves all issues of IoT, and that gives the possibility to monetize IoT data multiple times. That’s why we love to say that iotaap enables every device from any supplier to seamlessly communicate with other devices, machines, and humans while providing unseen benefits from each aspect of IoT.


let them talk.